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Where did rokii come from?


rokii was borne of a desire for versatile children’s furniture that would grow with our family, from newborn to pre-school age.  When our first baby arrived we discovered many baby goods didn't have the  functionality, looks and lasting value that we wanted.

We were faced with the choice of ugly baby bouncers and rockers, or well designed but expensive rockers with a very short useful life span. We felt there had to be a better way, and commenced working with acclaimed industrial designers Tiller Design to produce a beautiful, functional and versatile rocker that we wanted in our own home.


We pursued a design that would be pleasing to both parents and children, and provide functionality and fun for many years. When we had another baby, we wanted to ensure the product could multitask, able to soothe a newborn whilst entertaining a toddler.

From the early concept sketches, the design required extensive testing and modification to meet all functional, safety and sustainability  concerns.  Several prototypes later, rokii was born. Now rokii is looking for a good home.