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Product Queries for rokii

Why use a baby rocker?

Baby rockers or baby bouncers are a great way to soothe an unsettled baby or occupy an infant for a while, giving parents a much needed break.  The gentle rocking action is very soothing and can assist in calming a crying baby or helping them fall asleep.  The beneficial effects of rocking for babies have been known for centuries and confirmed by modern science (see the therapeutic benefits of rocking). The rocking action can be generated by the baby’s own movement, or by a gentle tap from the carer. In addition to the calming effect of rocking an infant, the action of rocking and moving themselves trains their motor and balance skills.

A baby rocker can be regarded as an essential nursery furniture item as it provides an ‘extra pair of hands’ when you need a break from constantly holding the baby.  It enables you to get some basic domestic chores done, as well as providing the baby with some restful time independent of you.  The baby can gaze at their surroundings from a comfortable position due to the adjustment mechanism allowing various angles, including lying completely flat if they fall asleep.  Babies become curious about the world from an early age, and the rocker allows them to watch and interact, rather than just lie on the floor and stare at the ceiling. For babies suffering colic, the ability to keep the baby in a more upright position can be extremely helpful.

rokii® can also be used in stationary mode to feed a baby, or for other times when rocking is not desired. Being more supportive and portable than a high chair, rokii® is particularly useful for babies just starting solids, and for when you are travelling.

rokii® folds down to less than 30cm/11 inches high in the flat position, making it easy to store and transport.

rokii® complies with Australian Standard AS/NZS ISO 8124.1:2002 and all materials used are non-toxic (see materials). Specific design features have been incorporated to make the product as safe as possible, including: 5 point safety harness, low centre of gravity, inset vinyl runners under the ply base to prevent rokii® ‘walking’ across the floor and to prevent squashed fingers and toes. The comfortably padded interior lining is ergonomically designed to provide the support that babies and infants need.

An excerpt from Choice, the independent consumer watchdog site recommends the following;

“What to look for in a baby bouncer:

Choose a bouncer that has a waist and crotch strap to secure your baby - and always use them.
Look for a bouncer with rubber tips or other features on the base to stop the product "walking" as your baby rocks. “

Who is rokii suitable for?

rokii® can be used from newborn until around 4 or 5 years of age.

In baby rocker mode with the 5 point harness, rokii® is suitable from newborn until the baby is sitting independently.

In child’s chair mode (without the harness) the chair is suitable from when the child can get into the chair themselves (around 1 year old) until around 4 years, or up to a maximum weight of 27 kgs/ 50 pounds.

In ride-on toy mode, rokii® is suitable from when the child can hold on by themselves, until 4 or 5 years or a maximum weight of 27 kgs/ 50 pounds.

What materials is rokii made of?

rokii® is made from top quality materials to ensure safety, style and durability. The curved wooden base is made from sustainable bamboo.  The curved chair shell is made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with steel adjustment mechanisms. The animal shape is made from HDPE.  The caster wheels are made from nylon and rubber to prevent floor marks.   The liner is made from padded machine washable fabric.  The harness and buckle are made from nylon, and may be removed for cleaning.  Runners underneath the ply base, side plugs and adjustment mechanism cover are made from polypropylene.

Further plastics information:


High density polyethylene (HDPE) is recyclable and is commonly used for milk and cream bottles and yoghurt containers. This plastic is an inert and hard wearing material, which is food safe and has no known health hazards.  Importantly, it contains no DEHA, phthalates or BPAs.


Polyamide (Nylon®) has excellent tensile strength, is food safe and chemical resistant.  Polyamide is now being used in high quality water and baby bottles. It is BPA free, lead and Phthalates free.  (Please note that recycling category 7 also includes plastics such as polycarbonates, which are NOT used in bower & beyond® products).


Polypropylene is recyclable and is commonly used for bottle caps and food storage containers.  It is food safe and has no known health hazards. 

How do I keep rokii clean?

All hard surfaces can easily be kept clean by wiping with a damp cloth.  The padded fabric liner can be removed and machine or hand washed.  Additional padded fabric liners are also available.

The Therapeutic Benefit of Rocking

Scientific studies have revealed that infants who are rocked, develop improved gross motor skills. The action of rocking stimulates the vestibular system, the part of the brain which influences balance, muscle tone, visual perception, general attention, and neck and head orientation.  In one experiment, a group of babies were exposed to sessions of gentle rocking on 2 days per week for 4 weeks, their gross motor ability assessed before and after the trial period showed a significant improvement.

In other research, using rocking as therapy has been shown to produce many benefits, including calming effects, increased body awareness, increased balance, and increased concentration and attentiveness.

Source: Vestibular stimulation influence on motor development in infants, DL Clark, Kreutzberg JR and FK Chee.

General Product Queries

Where can I find a bower & beyond stockist?

To find a bower & beyond® stockist near you, see our stockist list.

Where are bower & beyond products designed & made?

All bower & beyond® products are designed in Australia, and some are made in Australia.  Some  products are manufactured in China under a strict quality control regime, with on-site quality control managers in all factories undertaking inspection of our products to ensure they meet required quality standards.  All our manufacturing partners have fair working conditions.

Industry Queries

Does bower & beyond offer high resolution images for media?

High resolution images and video are available upon request. Please contact us at info@bowerandbeyond.com for a press kit.

Does bower & beyond loan products for photoshoots?

bower & beyond® has a selection of loan items for photoshoots.  Please contact us for details on availability at info@bowerandbeyond.com.